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Ten years ago I did not expect that I would be engaged in wedding photography.

I shot my first wedding in 2010 and now it has become for me occupation of the whole life.

I prefer the wedding photography and I think that to show the wedding story, not missing a single moment and fully reveal what is happening, is a very difficult task which is capable only for a few.

Since that time, I have already shot many wedding days and gained experience not only from professionals in the wedding industry (photographers, videographers, wedding organizers and other colleagues), but also from other genres in photography (macro, landscape, portrait, sports) , which in one way or another crosses and very close to such a diverse plot as a wedding.

While studying at the institute, I began to study photography and, thanks to my first teacher, and also a brother, my path as a photographer has begun. Working together, I learned a lot from him. This knowledge has become for me the foundation, which allowed me to move forward and learn new!

I must be crazy but I am waiting your wedding even more than You

I can’t see my life without weddings right

I am very pleased to be with you on this day, to interact with you and your guests, to create interesting photos, to catch unexpected moments and emotions. This is what I like, what I want to do for a very, very long time.

For many years of filming, I realized and understood a lot for myself and in cases where an ordinary person does not see anything remarkable, I can create something interesting, unusual and beautiful. This is the real art.

To reveal and show the true relationship that lasted and developed inside a loving couple for many months, and in some cases, for many years, is what I am aim to.

Be a photographer

Being a photographer means constantly dedicating yourself to this cause and never stopping at the achieved result and continuing to developing yourself: develop your skills, shooting techniques and artistic component. Only after you giving yourself fully to the work, you can achieve a high level and high results.

I always liked strong emotions of joy, laughter and love. Every time, again and again, I feel and share the emotions that are shared by all person on the wedding. This is a special, unique and sincere feeling, which is only can found on the wedding. Do not think that the photographer does nothing except getting fun with you. No! My role (the role of a wedding photographer) is to be a little away from what is happening, to be a little detached from what is happening, to not miss the most important moments. This is the only way to achieve a high result.

Video shooting and photography have a lot in common. One of the main principles is the motion. At first sight it may seems that it is very difficult or almost impossible to show it on the photo, but without this the photo will not be alive and such interesting to the viewer. To create a photo story is a difficult task, but it is one of the main ones.

Even now I do not stop working on myself, constantly improving my skills and abilities. I’m a curious person and I like to discover something new to myself. New people, new places, new trends.

Discoveries — is what you can live for. 

The value of a photo

For someone, the photographer is just another element and without him every wedding is impossible, as well as without a toastmaster, without a banquet. Many people doesn’t giving to this enough attention and doesn’t consider the photographer and the photo at all seriously.

But this is the memory — is the most important thing that remains to person. He lives with this memory and it’s what he bases his life on. Positive memories, causing a smile and returning you back to those day. How can this be neglected?

You can say about your wedding day to anyone, but without seeing it with your own eyes, it’s hard to imagine how things really happened.

It is important for me that the newlyweds can show their photos from the wedding to their children, relatives, who wasn’t on the wedding. Photos should cause emotions, and not record the process itself. Thoughtful photos can be added to the photo story, but not to make up a large part of it.

Photography is not just an image of something or anyone. The photo for me is of special importance and, achieving a high result, I am paying attention to each of its components. Photography is not only the events that they portray, but also those memories and, above all, the emotions that they evoke from you. As much as the picture remains in your memory and in your soul, tells you about its value. And I am the one who is engaged in creating of this value.

To minimize all kind of inaccuracies or imperfections on the photo, I pay a lot of attention to preparation for wedding.

My view on the photography

Wedding photography is the hardest photo genre. The main thing is that you must be everywhere and every time. You must see the unusual and at the same time beautiful.

Someone thinks that the diploma of graduation from the university, photography school, journalism institute, will make you a master or professional. They are mistaken. Of course, the availability of such knowledge is only a plus, but don’t think that this this makes you a professional photographer.

Many people are interested in what camera I’m shooting, believing that this is the key to the success of a beautiful photo. If you want to get magazine type photos its not enough just buy a very expensive camera, choose the «automatic» mode, shoot and get that type photos. Discard these prejudices. Everyone has a mobile phone with an integrated digital camera and with good light conditions, the picture on the mobile phone and on the professional camera will be very similar (of course, there will be a lot of differences), but if you compare both photos on a small screen, the difference will be small. Each one chooses a camera, optics and other photo equipment with is easy and comfort to work. This is their choice. Someone at all shoots on self-made optics with a manual focus and achieves the good result. Therefore, You cannot judge the professionalism of the photographer in terms of the equipment he uses. Photos will tells you about professionalism of the photographer.

About preparation

Wedding preparation is a very important process that should not be forget. The choice of location, time of day, mood — this is a small part of the list of factors that affect to the result and which I never leave without attention.

I am thinking about every detail of the puzzle, in order to collect a full picture of the whole day or days or even weeks:)

I am a punctual person and prefer to insure, so I can arrive at the location long before its actual start. I’d rather spend half an hour, which could sleep in bed to inspect the location and arrive just in time after all. The shooting process begins for me with the arrival (the sooner, the better). I like not to rush anywhere, comprehending every action and every future photoshot, gradually increasing the tempo.

It takes time to get into the atmosphere of wedding celebration and feel the aroma and mood of the day.

If there is an chance to inspect the location where the photo session or another stage of the wedding will take place, then this is a huge plus, since I can mark the most successful places for photoshooting and interesting perspectives based on the current situation, the weather, the time of the day, etc.

I like sport, ride a bike around the city, yards and parks, run along beautiful embankments, and do athletics. This has a significant effect on my worldview and helps me escape from the monotonous processing of the photo retoushing. Thanks to sports, I am always ready to shoot and have time to always be in the place where I need.

You cannot think about it, but the photographer’s work is physically very hard. You need to keep yourself toned throughout the day. Not everyone knows, but sometimes photoshooting goes one by one and there is hardly enough time to get home, prepare for the next photoshooting. Of course you should not forgetting to save the photos and prepare the equipment.

Having a wide experience of photoshooting a wide variety of genres and a large number of already shooted weddings, I am morally ready for everything, but even so, before each wedding, I feel experiences and for a long time again and again build in events order of the wedding day, with adding new ideas for a photo shoot. Sometimes this process hurts me to fall sleep, but for me it’s very important and I can sacrifice a few hours of sleep to find, even one, but a really beautiful photo.

I want to leave you as many memorable, exciting, crazy pictures as possible, which you will reviewed after a week, months, years and receive from this the same impressions and emotions, which charged by good mood of that day you became a husband and wife.

And most of all I like to receive enthusiastic emotions from my work, to receive smiles and words of gratitude from those people who entrusted me to be together with you on this interesting, solemn and unique event of your life.

I ask you not to not be shy with warm words. I am very pleased to hear them. This is why I am doing photography so far and what makes my heart warm.

I’m interested in your story and I’m happy to discuss it with you, give you advice and share my point of view, discuss the preparation and questions regarding the shooting process, the details of the shooting and the technical details.

Write to me or call. I’m open for cooperation, new acquaintances and crazy adventures!

Photography is My Life!!





Thank you my friends and associate for backstage photos!